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How To Build An AirBnB Clone In One Week Without Writing A Single Line Of Code

Making apps requires time and money. If you have a good idea for an app, you are left with the obvious options: find a cofounder, hire a programmer, or learn to code.

This causes two problems: First, you need to find the time and money required. And second, you need to choose ONE idea to spend your time and money on.
The stress of trying to choose the right idea to implement causes too much friction, and prevents most people from starting in the first place. Those who overcome that stress end up spending several months, and a few thousand dollars, just to launch their MVP. And if the MVP doesn't work, you give up and go back to your job.
And worst of all, you stop believing in your ideas :(
Most ideas fail. But a few of them succeed. And the ones that succeed make all the difference, because they give you the financial freedom and time you need to grow those ideas, and think of new ones.
The fastest path to success is to execute lots of ideas quickly and cheaply!
The more ideas you implement and launch, the higher your chances of success.
Imagine being able to implement one idea a month (or a week, if you're inspired)!
This course will teach you how to create apps as soon as you get your ideas, using existing tools and APIs, and without writing a single line of code.
You will be able to do in 5 days what normally takes an experienced coder 2-3 months to finish.
You will be able to do it without hiring programmers, and you will be able to do it without spending any time learning HTML, Javascript, or any other programming language.
You can even do it on the side, without leaving your full time job.

What kinds of apps can you make?

You can re-create AirBnB, Yelp, Tinder, KickStarter, Facebook, Trello, Uber, and many large scale (ultra-successful) apps using the tools you will learn in this course.
I've used these tools and techniques to create a personal version of KickStarter in 2 days (I didn't want to pay the 30% fee), and an AirBnB for home offices in 4 days.

Imagination is the limit!

Check Out HomeCoffice Here

I created HomeCoffice using those tools and techniques, because I needed an app that allows me to share my home office with others, and cowork with like-minded professionals.
The app has a sophisticated search engine with a map and various filters, user accounts, social profiles, listings, maps, and favorites. Users can list their home offices, search for nearby ones, contact hosts, leave reviews, add to favorites, view amenities, and even flag listings, all done without writing any code.
Coding this app would have required 2-3 months of work. I was able to do it in 4 days. And you will learn how to do it in the same amount of time.
In this course, I will introduce you to all the tools and APIs that I used to make this app, while re-creating it as a live example for everything you will learn!

Save thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and launch your app in a week or less!

Your Instructor

Amir Khella
Amir Khella

I'm am entrepreneur, product designer, and startup advisor.
I previously designed and helped launch more than 12 startups, 4 of which have already been acquired.
Currently, I run several profitable eCommerce and educational platforms for designers, and I am working on a new startup.
I've been featured on Inc magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, Mixergy, Smashing Magazine, Swiss Miss, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), and several entrepreneurship and design publications.

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